Golden Acre Kennels - Dog and Cat Boarding & Grooming Facility - Located in Ford River, MI


We are fully licensed to groom!

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Treat your pet to a calm, quality grooming experience. At Golden Acre Kennels, our pet grooming process helps minimize stress on pets by scheduling appointments one at a time, much like a hair dresser. This helps maintain a calm, loving environment and allows the groomer to work individually with each pet in a very low-stress atmosphere. This is especially helpful when working with nervous or elderly pets.

We offer high-quality grooming services to the Escanaba area. We use a high-quality soothing oatmeal-based shampoo which is safe for all pets and helps reduce and prevent dry itchy skin. Our services include a Pawdicure (Nail Trim), The Fresh Look (Bath), and The Works (Full Groom). Optional services include medicated and Flea Baths, deskunking, deshedding, and teeth brushing. Dematting is done on an individual basis sometimes the matting is so bad that shaving and starting over is the only option, but through regular grooming we can help you eliminate this problem. We look forward to helping you maintain a happy, healthy, clean pet.