Golden Acre Kennels - Dog and Cat Boarding & Grooming Facility - Located in Ford River, MI

Dog Boarding

  • Kennel Features
  • We board dogs.
  • All kennels indoors.
  • In-floor heat for winter.
  • Air conditioned in the summer.
  • Many outdoor kennels.
  • Dogs taken outside to play.
  • Play time! Play with other dogs.

Are you interested in boarding your dog with Golden Acre Kennels? We are a family owned business located in Ford River, MI. We live on premise so we are always close to your pet, day and night. For your pets enjoyment, there is music played continuously throughout the kennel. Our facility offers a clean, comfortable environment with experienced dog lovers taking care of your pets.

All kennels are indoor with in-floor heat for winter and facility is air conditioned in the summer. There are outdoor kennels where dogs are taken out numerous times throughout the day. We also offer a large outdoor fenced play yard, where your dog will get lots of play time with other furry friends. Whether they are hanging out in the pools, running through the tunnel, or playing on the canine jungle gym, your dog will never want to leave! If for some reason, you do not want your dog to play with others, they will get their own individual play time sessions. If the weather does not cooperate, your dog will get play time inside.

Please make sure to bring your pet's food and copy of vaccination records for your pet's stay.

Dog Boarding

Dogs require the following vaccinations: Distemper Parvo, Rabies, and Bordatella (Bordatella given 1-2 weeks prior to boarding). Puppies require at least 4 Distemper Parvo and Bordatella vaccinations (Rabies vaccinations when age appropriate).

Dog Pricing Standard Kennel Small Suite Large Suite
Price Per Day (1st Dog Only) $25/per day $27/per day $30/per day
Each Additional Dog (Same Kennel) $10/per day $10/per day $10/per day
Kennel Size 4 ft. x 14 ft. 5 ft. x 7 ft. 8 ft. x 14 ft.
Custom Styling N/A Themed Suite Deluxe Suite

* Discounts can be given for more than 3 dogs.

Did you know we also offer day care for your dog? Day care is available Monday through Friday during our regular business hours! More Information

Kennel Options

Golden Acre Kennels has over 20 kennels available for your dog. Of these kennels, we have several customized and deluxe kennel options for you to choose from for your dog! Take a look at our options below. You can click on each image to view larger.

TSE Suite

MB Suite

Larche Suite

Packer Suite

Summer Suite

Camo Suite

Boston Suite

Princess Suite

Madison Suite

Poker Suite

8' x 14' Deluxe

4' x 14' Standard

Our Facility

You can click on each image to view larger.

If you would like to see more photos of our facility, please visit our facility page.